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At Innovects, our team of experts assist entrepreneurs in growing smart ideas. Our first step is to analyse your businessfor areas of improvement. From there, we work with you to determine business goals and provide the training and assistance to get you there. Through our services, we can help you improve your results, increase your client base, promote sales and revenue, and forecast future goals.


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Startup Consulting Services

We are experts in business consulting for startups and small businesses.


Business Management Consulting

We provide innovative strategies to maximize revenue, manage and train employees and management

Project Management Consulting

Innovects team brings specialized skills and knowledge with years of background to assist you in making the best possible business decisions.

Agile Software Engineering

Our experts have successfully launched businesses and grown management teams.

Investor Relations

Is it time to move on to something different? Our certified exit planners can help any entrepreneur transition to their next project.

Research & Development

Innovects prides itself in helping new businesses blossom. We offer idea evaluation services to provide insight into market availability



We will assist the client in recruiting and hiring key employees to create a thriving business culture that is nimble,

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a critical strategic focus area for business leaders and an initiative necessary for every organization or venture to compete

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A team of experts that provide the customers with the best opportunities.


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E-Commerce Platform

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Tracker for Pharmaceuticals

Tracker for Pharmaceuticals Tracks in stock pharmaceutical products, ensures they are stored in a specific temperature range as per manufacturer instructions and records the information.

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Social Network

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Contemporary & Modern Art

Contemporary & Modern Art Online visual art gallery allows users to discover and collect the world’s best art works. Capabilities include buying and selling, creating portfolios, chatting with the artist and more.

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Patient Centre Care

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Smart Transportation

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